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GIGAYACHT butler-service one-stop-shop

The one-stop-shop luxury yachting by Maria K.Bakalakou. A charter Clearinghouse with future-driven values offering all luxury activities for Superyachts. Triumphing in the Superyacht Charter Business, Maria Bakalakou is making a comeback in the industry with a new venture. By attending privileged projects close to Arab Royalties and their fleet, Maria exerts her expertise in the constantly innovating Superyacht industry.
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December 31, 2020

With extensive experience and proven records in Superyacht charter and processes, Maria K. Bakalakou is making a comeback in the industry, after a break close by Arab Royalties and their fleet. “A great love for the yachting community and innovative approach makes us happy to partner with a prominent multicultural team of Maritime Professionals and offer a butler-service in charter and brokerage schemes, commercial and technical administration.
The brand benefits from two generations of fresh ideas and notable history in Superyacht refits/retrofits, engineering, and interventions for sustainable solutions”.

The new brand was created in the era of geographical and social restrictions, however, in the correct time for an innovative approach and Home-oriented to support the local economy and businesses. Yachtdna ART offers a broad range of quality Superyacht services, Administration, Charter and Sales, Technical Consultancy, Retrofitting, and Itinerary planning. Regardless of how small our brand is, our clientele always gets a supervisor treatment where we organize, guide, and mentor projects. We work on the full spectrum of Superyacht Services, undertaking risk management services, public relations, and by always being proactive. The Technical Station named ART is inspired by the Arabiya Restoration Time motto, while implements an R&D segment in development, to offer Technical Services, Technical Administration, and progressively technology transforming Superyachts to green units. The ART  venture is inspired and dedicated to the Arabic world due to our fondness and appreciation. As we need always to remember that it is Arabs who defined the Superyacht industry in the sizes of today, while refit has been an ordinary process for the Arabic Nation competitively to the Western Owners. 

Determined to be part of an eco-conscious era, yet amidst restrictions and uncertainties, this is the perfect time for establishing a regionally oriented business. The yachting industry needs green energy innovation and technology to meet TIER III regulations, making Superyachts noiseless units and managing waste with zero footprints in the environment; because such would meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. We have already appraised the shipping and cruising industries make that leap forward reducing carbon emissions in the air and land by reducing their fuel use. The law comes for the yachting industry to force compliance with green policies to achieve sustainable goals, minimizing noise and pollution to the environment, succeeding in fewer emissions, introducing a feasible electrical power innovative engineering for the existing Superyachts, and timing is the best to exploit feasible solutions.

We are future-driven exploiting technology solutions through our Premium Technical Station ART and suggest ways to turn a yacht green as feasible as possible. This occurs in teamwork with traders of modern and applicable technology. We shall also exploit options for utilization of new materials such as synthetic silk, excessive glass at no penalty for weight and other restrictions and so much more in retrofitting. We shall develop our Research & Development part of the Premium Technical Station ART in collaboration with the industry traders who contribute to a common effort sharing the same goals. We shall build a trusted partnership and work together towards the same directions even from different paths.

“We are a team of Maritime Professionals based in Greece, that can help mediate between Superyacht businesses for project cooperation, as Owner’s Representative and offer superintendence, consultancy, and one or combined types of commercial and technical management. By the long years of experience in managing and facilitating business between all boards of organizations including Executives, PR agents, fiscal agencies, Brokers, and Project managers, we have managed to create a comprehensive strategy that is customized to each project, business, or goal. If you are a Superyacht Owner we are here for you. Not only do we perform on business liaison to enhance professional bonds and smooth communication with MYBA brokers, shipyards, designers, and technical units, but we also offer a butler-like service as an extension for projects that need more manpower at every project. The premium Technical Station ART provides Superintendence and Technical services. We can travel globally to support our Clientele and being completely independent, we give our clients the best possible unbiased Consultancy.”

Yachtdna ART working one-on-one in simple or complicated services in all luxury yacht activities, such as charter, brokerage, and management, will be a part of this change emerging new technologies to achieve sustainable goals. We’ve discussed with renowned leaders in the world of sustainable energy as well as marine engineers and traders to go over the options available for more sustainable solutions and we’re happy to offer our guidance and administration to all yacht owners. The journey towards a better future will be tough and there will be endeavors for both the Owners and the brand, however, we plan to be part of the future in ethos and prestige. Yachtdna ART is launching these services to help create a better future for the youth and the generations following. With this initiative, specifically, our Arab clientele will be part of immortalizing their efforts in the industry of sustainable energy and Superyachting.  This goes in line with the Retrofitting we present through our new Premium Technical Station ART, which will reinforce and embed the world of green energy in superyachts. Doing this early on will help the industry move forward which will actually create more opportunities for business leaders as well as the working sectors.

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Versus other forms of luxury tourism, Superyachts are mobile units and depending on size and capacity can reach any destination to maximize profit.

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