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The Monaco of the Turkish Coast Yalikavak Marina

A World-Class Marina: The effort to go green is not alien to Turkey’s maritime industry. As Yalikavak Marina continues to exceed expectations for tourist attractions, innovation, and investment deals, the eyes turn to the sustainability factor which is what many are regarding now as the most important factor moving forward. These efforts along with other projects have helped them in getting the Green World Awards in the year 2018 which was a big step forward.

September 30, 2021

Yalikavak marina a prototype coastal beauty

has gained its reputation in recent years as a go-to destination for ex-pats and investors alike. Sitting at the west-north side of the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey, the marina has sought a revolutionary makeover that made it a luxury hotspot. Turkey has had a groundbreaking renovation in its economy, way of life, and politics which has made it one of the most important countries in the world as it borders Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Palmarina epicenter is arguably boasting one of the most impressive luxury hubs in the world that host brands such as Dior, Rolex, Beymen, Zuma, Nusr-et, Novikov Bodrum, Missoni, and so much more. However, what is more impressive is the ability of Yalikavak Marina to be among the top of the leader board with the ten best marinas in the world and still have its traditional laid-back charm. Yalikavak used to be a small fishing town but it still maintains that mellow tingle.

As Yalikavak Marina continues to exceed expectations for tourist attractions, innovation, and investment deals, the eyes turn to the sustainability factor which is what many are regarding now as the most important factor moving forward. Since Yalikavak Marina represents Turkey’s nautical side and sea tourism, it is only fitting that Yalikavak seeks new innovative ways to deal with sustainability.

Going Green is the Way for Marinas:

There is no doubt that nowadays we are looking at energy through a different lens. As we continue to exhaust earth’s energy resources and pollute the air, water, and earth, a lot of eyes have shifted to the everyone’s the culprit mindset. Giant metropolitan cities, pipelines, internal combustion engines, factories, and oil transporting vehicles are certainly in the most wanted for polluting the environment, but that also goes for marinas. Certainly, anyone can be the culprit, but when we’re talking about the top Marina in Turkey that rivals Greece and other countries on the luxury side, if there would be lack of efforts for environmentalism would be equally as bad as polluting the earth, which is not the case. Yalikavak Marina has proven a great care to protect the wildlife and gaze the future by enforcing modern technology to protect the environment. 

Protecting Wildlife:

A large portion of the victims of pollution is in the water and while there aren’t any large ocean-going ships that use bunker fuel in many marinas, the push for limiting them is extremely important in the wake of today’s world.

Customers have also become cautious and intentional about their choices when it comes to protecting wildlife by contributing to eco-friendly options. Many studies point to the positive outcome that eco-friendly brands and corporations have on the environment and on the customer’s satisfaction rate.

The New Generation:

The yachting industry is currently under construction for the purpose of the environment helped by a new generation of owners and investors with hopes for sustainability. This luckily goes for individuals and businesses toward greener practices in marinas as well. The reason for that is because marinas benefit the environment and the local community while meeting return-on-investment goals that can help the growth of multi-billion investment markets.

Marinas are in on this notion as the use of renewable energy sources, fuel-efficient technology, and the development of effective collaboration between corporations and individuals can make the industry of marinas more financially stable and adherent to national and international maritime policy which is underway. Moreover, the use of eco-friendly tools is effective for marketing and management strategies to improve efficiency reduce waste, and ultimately increase their profitability.

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