Any law on retrofitting to disrupt the industry?

New regulations could have changed the maritime world related to the preowned yachts economy. Compulsory procedures by the classification societies related to the preowned yachts would be needed to enforce retrofits turning yachts friendlier to the environment.

Do you recall the old cars with black emissions that do not exist in the civilized world?
Don’t you think it is the time to occur the same for ships, vessels, and Superyachts?

Will a new law enforce electrification or the electrification applications will force the law?

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Why to invest in Superyachts in EU

The one-stop-shop luxury yachting by Maria K.Bakalakou suggests a superyacht investment with commercial operations in Greece. Commercial operation of a 12-week chartering will offer a stable annual income.
Versus other forms of luxury tourism, Superyachts are mobile units and depending on size and capacity can reach any destination to maximize profit.

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Sandstorm Breaker Patent to protect luxury real estate

The Sandstorm protective net is and a potential patent for an Abu Dhabi based investment company is a concept for a protective umbrella like a half dome unfolding in a form of a net to consist of synthetic silk and a complex of light scales like the fish scales blocking the sand

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The one-stop-shop luxury yachting by Maria K.Bakalakou. A charter Clearinghouse with future-driven values offering all luxury activities for Superyachts. Triumphing in the Superyacht Charter Business, Maria Bakalakou is making a comeback in the industry with a new venture. By attending privileged projects close to Arab Royalties and their fleet, Maria exerts her expertise in the constantly innovating Superyacht industry.

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The Monaco of the Turkish Coast Yalikavak Marina

A World-Class Marina: The effort to go green is not alien to Turkey’s maritime industry. As Yalikavak Marina continues to exceed expectations for tourist attractions, innovation, and investment deals, the eyes turn to the sustainability factor which is what many are regarding now as the most important factor moving forward. These efforts along with other projects have helped them in getting the Green World Awards in the year 2018 which was a big step forward.

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The Ocean Cleanup to clean 90% of ocean plastic

The Ocean CleanUp Environmental Organization has sole mission the largest cleanup in history by using advanced technologies and a well equipped vessel to rid the oceans of plastic. The TOC passive systems are estimated to remove half the Great Pacific Garbage patch in just five years, and at a fraction of the cost. A megatrawl, 171 foot-long Ocean Starr served as the fleet’s mothership. It was fitted with two 6-meter wide nets designed to capture high volumes of all sizes of plastic debris.

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