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REV Ocean Gigayacht turns oceans clean again

REV Ocean is the idyllic gigayacht featuring a major wave of Innovation with outstanding technology: Plastic collector and Incinerator, advanced systems generating heat power, green pilot system running the ship in the most environmentally positive method and minimising carbon footprint, offering large accommodation for daily living and overnight.
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February 5, 2020

The world of the Superyachts has always been a fascination to most of us. From times we are gawking at the beauty of these vessels berthed in the famous Marinas, wondering what goes on inside them, to the real connoisseurs of the extravagant and luxury lifestyle. As we believe here at GIGA Charter, Gigayachts are the ‘crème de la crème’ of luxury and are only attainable to the elites of society. This feeling of exclusivity and ‘grandiose’ thinking has sparked over the last decade a race to have the most luxurious, mesmerizing and the “WOW” of Megayachts. Today, however, the world of Gigayachts is sailing on a new wind of change.

Such is the case of the REV Ocean. Spanning at 183m in length and 22m in beam width, the REV Ocean currently stands as the world’s largest Superyacht, superseding the Azzam, which since 2013 has held the title at 180m. Currently still under construction, at the Norwegian Shipyard VARD, the REV Ocean is 53% complete and is due to be delivered in early 2021. You may be wondering if a mere 3-meter difference in LOA, between the REV Ocean and the Azzam, is sufficient to label it as the “Best, Baddest and Boldest” yacht ever to be built. Well, it turns out the vessel is quite on a league of its own, as VARD’s General Manager Erik Haakonsholm stated, “we have a long experience in building sophisticated and exciting vessels, but the size, complexity, and purpose of this vessel [REV Ocean] add extra enthusiasm for all parties involved”.

Indeed, the REV Ocean, commissioned by Norwegian Billionaire Kjell Røkke, was built for a completely different purpose; that of “making the ocean healthy again”. Built with this dream in mind, the vessel incorporates cutting edge scientific technology that allows researchers to conduct worldwide missions, whilst giving charterers the opportunity to live the adventure of a lifetime. As you might imagine, the REV Ocean is equipped with modern scientific fittings which include state of the art sampling, observation, mapping, and communications facilities. It is essentially a sailing laboratory (in fact 9 separate laboratories) that allows researchers to study and monitor the marine ecosystem.

Like many of us, however, we may not be familiar with the technical or scientific studies that researchers aim to achieve. If so, you would be glad to know that the REV Ocean is available for Conventional or Expedition Charter. Transporting its own Triton submarine, the sea vehicle can take up to 3 people to explore the depths of the ocean, as far as 2km deep where few have seen, let alone set foot on. Such features are unique to this Megayacht, as well as nearly everything else that it comes with it. For a regular charter, the yacht can accommodate a crew of 50 people and 28 guests and with its massive storage facilities, it can hold enough provisions for 90 persons, lasting up to 120 days. That said, it was built to almost take you anywhere and everywhere, from the warm summer Mediterranean Sea to as far as the Poles.

So, what exactly makes the REV Ocean a major wave of Innovation? If you’re looking to build a Megayacht or get yours refitted, with 21st Century Technology, the GIGA Charter has made a list of some outstanding REV Ocean features for inspiration (P.S. we skipped the two helipads, and the in-house Hospital with medic cabin).

  • Plastic collector and Incinerator: The REV Ocean is capable of collecting surface plastics and uses its incinerator, which allows all materials, with the exception of metal and glass, to be incinerated (5 tonnes/day) in an environmentally friendly way and minimises production of toxic or greenhouse gases.
  • Heat Recovery: The magic doesn’t stop there. The vessel is also fitted with a heat recycling/recovering system that allows the heat generated from the incinerator and the part-electric engine, to power the running hot water, fresh water plant and other HVAC systems throughout the ship. Thus, reducing the use of generators and lowering running costs.
  • Green Pilot System: With a growing concern for global warming, rising sea levels, marine pollution and extinction of sea species, the vessel is equipped with highly modern monitoring system that tracks emissions of NOx, CO2 and Sox gases. Notwithstanding, there are multiple systems such as the DGPS, echo sounder, etc, which are all aimed at running the ship in the most environmentally positive method and minimising carbon footprint.
  • Room, Rooms and More Rooms: Cabins, saloons, gym and dining rooms are common in most Megayachts. But here are some outstanding uses of space that are possibly unseen anywhere else. Firstly, the REV Ocean boasts the capability to house its own enclosed giant winter garden (think ice skating, winter fun) on one of its decks, in freezing conditions. Additionally, it has an atrium that spans across seven levels, which can be used as a moving Art and Exhibition Gallery. If that isn’t impressive enough, the Gigayacht also features an auditorium that can seat 36 people with Dolby Atmos Sound System for the best of a movie experience, a Conference Centre (with multi-purpose rooms), a Diving Centre (fully fitted with a decompression chamber) and finally two cranes that can lift and load all types of toys, boats, jet skis, mini-submarines and anything else that you may want, onboard.

Clearly, the REV Ocean is a Gigayacht unlike any other. What’s most inspiring about the dream behind the vessel is that Luxury, Comfort and Modernity do not need to come at the expense of the Environment. In fact, quite the opposite is true; it is designed to bring good to the world. The REV Ocean was built with the Environment in mind first, adopting, creating and altering existing technologies to make the Superyacht “Greener”.

Therefore, the fact that it’s built for science and has been designed to sail some of the roughest seas and farthest oceans, the REV Ocean is tough in all sense of the word and eco-friendly, giving you peace of mind wherever the wind takes you.

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