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Investment Opportunities Amidst Crisis

Despite the fact that there have been huge financial losses and a stop in major development projects, there might be a rise in investment opportunities amidst the forthcoming financial crisis due to the virus. The financial crisis is expected both from the virus and also from the conditions caused by bubbles in the economy and can bring disastrous situations. The question following these facts is which place in the world would be a good region for investment.
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March 25, 2020

All of humanity is currently battling against a disease that is constantly threatening our world, leading to the deaths of thousands around the Earth. We are in utter grief and mourn the loss of these and should take it seriously. It is almost impossible to accept that anyone is unaware of the Corona Virus also termed as COVID-19. With the rising number of positive cases around the world, it is indeed a situation of dilemma and fear for each and every human being on the planet. With lockdowns in almost every city on the planet, there is an utter loss in terms of finances and has ultimately affected the global economy. But the best we all can do to fight this disease off is to work in unity and co-operate with our governments and soon we can return back to our lives.

As so we might hate to accept it, apart from disturbances regarding health, this virus has infected the world in ways more than one. Due to the constant spread of the virus, several daily activities, ongoing trades, and projects have all been suspended. To be specific, global sporting events – The Olympic Games, NBA, NASCAR, IPL and what not have been postponed, the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, the New York International Auto Show and much more have also been postponed. To add to it, the Hollywood film industry and similar industries around the globe have also been affected vastly. This global infection has caused economies throughout the world to become bubble economies driving us in recessions, partial unemployment, impacting the banking system, disrupting trade, blacking out tourism, and a steep fall in expectant business opportunities.

Despite the fact that there have been huge financial losses and a stop in major development projects, there might be a rise in investment opportunities amidst the forthcoming financial crisis due to the virus. The financial crisis is expected both from the virus and also from the conditions caused by bubbles in the economy and can bring disastrous situations. The question following these facts is which place in the world would be a good region for investment. Well, there might be quite a number of regions where investments can be made, but an ideal place would be Greece. Greece is blessed with a number of essential natural resources like quality water, minerals in the form of petroleum, lignite, Iron Ore, Zinc, Salt, Marble, etc. Coming to industries, Greece also has innovative companies in technology, industrial services, banking, oil & gas, food and beverages, construction material, telecommunications, financial services, etc. After figuring out the ‘where’ the next question is how investments can be made. The answer to it is that a group or fund of investors can establish a corporation with acquisitions or shares in companies related to several sectors of technology, water industry, innovative packaging for liquids and foods, plastic production, collection, recycling and reproduction for new usage. This can reflect in a speedy recovery from the financial crisis and gradually tuning up the economy improving from the bubbles in the economy. There are quite many investment ideas to execute in places like Greece:-

1. The Water Industry – The water industry is a multimillion business that includes water production and water safety. The virus story will not end as long poor countries or with a different culture mess up with wildlife and eat wildlife animals. Moreover, and allegedly new threats might come through the water, with viruses surviving in the water and potentially with sabotage in desalination plants. We need pure water in a secure environment i.e. drones and AI for monitoring the springs, lakes, desalination plants and production units.

2. Plastic Recycling Circle Industry – The business of Recycling plastic (the most regular type is PET) and re-usage (as PET Recycling Unit in Austria does). Example ALPLA factory in Austria with an affiliate PET Recycling center. The model can be applied principally in countries in which the Government can easily decide and participate with own funds and own companies, public or not. We need biodegradable bottles or a plastic to be easily collected, separated and recycled. More nations might confront another financial crisis, more awful than that of 2008 yet Greece can stay an exceptionally profitable nation with amazing ground sources. This will give stunning open doors at speculation as fascinating costs will be for purchasing low and succeed acquisitions yet with safe creations (for example water from springs and lakes) and sponsorships from the EU.

In a perfect world, a reserve of speculators can profit by the procurement of organizations in Greece, for example, spring waters for mineral water through its manufacturing plant creation, specific plastic, for example, PET material and fare to the nations which will work the PET plastic assortment and reusing through acquisitions of a similar reserve of financial specialists. The Greek organizations of water creation will trade mineral water in bottles with the national mark of the merchant nation inappropriate plastic – even shading for the hot temperatures while the Recycling Center will work locally in a type of restraining infrastructure to gather, separate and process the plastic for a generation.

  • Collector and Recycling unit following a request of the Government to uphold one sort of plastic which will be gathered and processed by an affiliate or same organization, an imposing business model situation.
  • Generation focus of reused plastic. For instance of a city that this model of economy can be recommended, is Neom new city in North Saudi Arabia. The NEOM city profile must be more than the luxury travel industry and necessities activities should be starting now to demonstrate net revenue to the potential investors. As examples only, these companies can be acquisitions of the same group of companies securing the foundations, the land and water, ships and Recycling units reproducing plastic.

3. Cyber Security & Maritime Digitalisation – More businesses i.e. trading of drones and special equipment for monitoring areas i.e. the borders complementing military security like the Greek ALTUS-LSA, and the Greek METIS Cyb technology with sophisticated systems applicable to ships. Ideal for the modern expedition vessels devoted to science and military vessels is the new form to protect vessels, land, exploit remote areas minimizing costs and increasing security to the maximum. If we consider what happened to Saudi Arabia this summer, unmanned systems and cyber security is more than ever a necessity.

4. Marinas and the Superyacht Industry – In our Waterworld, there is one more business ideal for coastal regions that can control the soil corrosion. The Marinas; the coastal infrastructure and development to exploit the highly valued coastlines in the globe becoming a patterned model based on the following:
Water and shore sophisticated structures to offer vessels protective berths, sheltering vessels day and night, while avoiding negative impact in the environment, commercial and recreational zone within port/marina, real estate within and close by the marina, and….Yachting, meaning yachts and marine offices. Business is stretching to more related business including yards, repairs, and other services. This model supports economic and social activities to contribute positively to the regional economy turned to a new Gigayacht / Superyacht destination. 2.5 billion people (40% of the world’s population) live within 100 km of the coast. Science and Technology prevent pressure to coastal ecosystems and support the region with elite tourism, sports, communications, real estate, transport, renewable energy, fisheries, and aquaculture. A pattern of this model can be globalized and applied in new regions under development like NEOM Saudi Arabia. Dar es Salaam could be also a candidate as people of Tanzania are intelligent and creative to set the shape Monaco of Africa.
Prologue of MB Monarch Conglomerate website under development.

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