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Cornerstone of a sophisticated yet lean-structured Gigayacht Clearing House

We are a multi-faceted consultancy and administration service company dedicated to the Gigayacht PYC vessels, offering an array of diverse yet highly impactful professional solutions to Gigayacht owners, builders, brokers, and a host of other relevant stakeholders; aiming to be a unique and innovative brand with a hands-on approach borne from service and reliability. With an extensive 30-year experience and huge records, standing by the side of the Owner, this is a comeback in the industry after 5 years commitment to Royals on board fabulous Gigayachts. Maria K. Bakalakou

Our Gigayacht services

Owner's Rep

Distinguishing the PYC Gigayacht in the charter market and its Brand Strategy.

Shipyard’s Ally

Lifting the weight off shoulders and adding post-sale value.

CAs Relief

Extra hand for a prestigious charter experience to the charter clients.

who we are

Our Gigayacht Identity and perspective

The list of privileges associated with owning a Gigayacht does not end with the ownership and operation as a commercial passenger vessel. The commercial identity of the PYC vessel in itself sets the stage for a multi-million-dollar business. Our Commercial Passenger Vessels project is an addition to the charter business, which takes advantage of vibrant market opportunities, in new destinations like the Red Sea, through our affiliate investment and participation in the 2030 Vision Development Plans; e.g. the NEOM city. Commercial Passenger Vessels, the “Gigayachts for charter”, are capable of generating significant revenues, enabling shareholders and investors to attain profitability, upon launching this product into the yachting market. Moreover, the multi-purpose-built Polar Code compliant expedition yachts can cruise across the Globe to the most remote destinations for fun or science. 

Our vision is to be a brand synonymous with the tailored professional services within the gigayacht industry for PYC charter gigayachts, established for professionalism, refinement, positive synergy and mission accomplishments. Our mission is the hired Service in Confidentiality and transparent allowance. We are a more sophisticated, yet lean-structured Gigayacht Clearing House in leadership of the Megayacht Guru, Maria K.Bakalakou known under the alias ‘Medusaudi’, joining forces with a Shipping Hub. With a robust collective experience acquired through previous Gigayacht Owner representations, we offer charter marketing and charter administrative assistance, for commercially-viable SOLAS and PYC passenger vessels, compliant with the flag and respective regulations like the ICE Code. 

Introducing services to a particular type of Gigayacht in the charter market which goes beyond the building standards the Passenger Yacht Code complied vessels. As part of our compulsory operations, the Clearing House cooperates with the Owner’s affiliates, such as the shipping company or designated person ashore, and Security Officials, regarding ISM Codes and for constant monitoring of the vessels. The Clearing House has direct access to the vessel’s documentary archives and certificates, including crew certifications and medical training/evaluation updates. In addition, we implement crew and safety management systems and processes, ensuring the operations meet the legal and safety requirements of a SOLAS passenger vessel.
The Clearing House appoints highly qualified personnel to communicate directly with the Master/Captain of the vessel and to conduct simultaneous verification of procedures, plans and safety instructions, as established in the SPS Code. The Clearing House educates the market, including Charterers, regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of a commercial passenger vessel, or in this case SOLAS or PYC compliant Gigayachts.

Expedition vessels in collaboration with expedition travel agencies is the new trend. A commercial passenger vessel may cruise across the globe (however, particular laws, such as the minimum safe manning, berthing only at ISPS piers -similar to cruise ships, or anchorage points selected by the regional port authorities, must be adhered to, need to be notable since the design of the vessel). By working with local yachting agents and regional maritime agents, we are well aware and adapted to operate according to legal procedures, thus benefiting the safety and turnaround time for our clients – in spite of the increased regulations. Following current laws of PYC or ICE Code  the explorer vessels may reach remote destinations without disturbing the fragile environment.
In addition, new destinations offer the opportunity to connect Gigayacht ownership with business, resulting in profitability through the Gigayacht investment like the Red Sea.

Giga tales

Get to know our structure – The GIGA CHARTER Clearing House is a forward-thinking service & operations company, the cornerstone in gigayacht size PYC compliance, acting as a liaison hub and between Gigayacht Owners and other Stakeholders. Services include short or long term appraisal on board, charter marketing, charter management and legal assistance provided to the Gigayacht Ownership and vessels.

Gigayacht Divisions

Crème de la crème Gigayacht Professionals


Our Mission : We are a multi-faceted consultancy and administration service company offering an array of diverse yet highly impactful professional solutions to Gigayacht owners, builders, brokers, and a host of other relevant Stakeholders; aiming to be a unique and innovative brand with a hands-on approach borne from service and reliability, dedicated to SOLAS and PYC Gigayachts. 

Our Vision : To be an unrivaled pioneer with a great footprint in the Gigayacht industry in mentoring and solutions makers; to be synonymous with our administration hired for a mission impossible, delivering tailored professional services; to be a brand synonymous within the Gigayacht industry for professionalism, refinement and branding with our efforts, exquisite service and results.

The Midas Touch

Multi-million-dollar profits achieved through charter management, branding, agenda, and brokerage schemes acting in confidentiality.

The Connoisseur

Charter Marketing and Administration, Direct Access to the highest level of management in Ownership company inspecting and communicating.

The Cornerstone

A mobile unit attending on-site to administrate the charter preparation until its completion satisfying over 3 wishes.