The legitimate club  in form of a comfortable lobby to bring Gigayacht Owners in together through a cyber platform and take loyalty to the next level by joining the club. Who is the Gigayacht Owner? The large size Owner?
Or the eco-consciousness Owner with business striving for ecology? The dedication to doing more ensures we show the world Giga Nation at its best. The Gigayacht Club is a hub in development keeping in mind:

1. To serve as a secure platform in terms of maintaining confidentiality with login details of members or Gigayacht owners exclusively offering an advantage in the new era.

2. To also pose as an arena where Gigayacht Owners be overwhelmed by the challenges to participate in events, business suggestions, conferences, and confidential charters that would be announced within this platform. How about awarding the green ventures? This is so that an owner responds to the decorum of the club and if they accept the charter.

Mr. Andreas Liveras’ vision has propelled us to build up our own idea, adjusted to the present needs and introduced by the lobby in which GIGACHARTER brand participates. Would you imagine a multi-branch group with its ownership as a pioneer in this venture?

Joining the Gigayacht Owners – not actually as an exacting relationship with social standards and bureaucratic formality, yet on the inverse, in an agreeable social club, is at the center of the GIGA Yacht Club.

The affiliation would expect to sort out testing occasions, social affairs and productive gatherings for proprietors and business personas from the four corners of the globe and all things considered, we will endeavor to select 13 Gigayachts in 2021 to join the Giga Club. 

Private Club Members