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Gigayacht Owners’ Club

Mr. Andreas Liveras envisioned the International Large Yacht Owners Association operating their vessels strictly or principally for charter; in mission to unite Owners in a business hub, by monitoring the standard or new clientele agenda. This model was incorporating administration of charters in high standards for a discerning Charterer. Benefits would expand beyond chartering business as the agenda would bring close the ultra-wealthy and successful entrepreneurs in several businesses.

February 11, 2020

In memory of Mr. Andreas Liveras, the visionary behind the GIGA CLUB concept.

Mr. Andreas Liveras was a Cyprus-born British businessman and self-made millionaire. A pioneer megayacht tycoon, he introduced the megayacht size for luxury yacht charter and has since raised the bar for the industry.

A New Era of Mega-sized Yachts Introduced in Charter Business: The idea of converting a mini-cruiser like Constellation to a megayacht was, in the not so distant past, unheard of. Likewise, the commercial SOLAS mega yachts introduced in the luxury yachting industry. Designed by Alpha Marine and built in the Syros Shipyards, Alysia and Annaliesse, two of Mr. Liveras’s initial fleet of megayachts, were the first in the world to be introduced for charter (excluding the m/v Alexander, currently part of the Royal Saudi fleet). Some of his other fleet included the Rosenkavalier, Princess Tanya, Princess Lauren and as mentioned, the Alysia (currently Moonlight II megayacht), Annaliesse (renamed to Delma and known today as Queen Miri) and Lauren L (ex-Constellation, ex-Sun Bay II).

The introduction of this new segment had an enormous impact on the megayacht business, however, most of his plans were scrapped, due to his untimely death whilst on a trip in India. At the time, he had innovative projects for the country, as he sought to create new business opportunities in the local yacht industry in collaboration with the current MYBA lobby; plans which were unfortunately postponed forever. Nonetheless, I had the honor of meeting him on few occasions, whilst working at Afroudakis Yachting, a family brand established by Mr. Christos Afroudakis, a Naval Architect with remarkable records in ship design. As a result of his professionalism in yacht designs, Mr. Afroudakis, who is also the Founder of Alpha Marine and owner of a 30m charter power yacht, established a close friendship with Mr. Liveras, and was commissioned by him for the first conversion of the Princess Tanya. It was through this opportunity in meeting Mr Liveras that he’d revealed his ambitious plans, which have inspired me to continue in the spirit of his ingenuity and love for the yachting industry.

So, what were some of the plans left undone? A visionary man and megayacht owner, Mr. Liveras had the bold ambition to introduce an International Megayacht Owners Association, whose manual was handed to Mr. Afroudakis, and he consequently approached few megayacht owners to share this dream. Mr. Liveras was envisioning the International Large Yacht Owners Association as operating their vessels strictly or principally for charter, but the main mission being, to unite owners through a form of association or business hub, similar to the large yacht brokers association.

This Ownership Association sought to establish an innovative business model, focused on monitoring the standard or new clientele agenda in chartering business. It incorporated the administration of charters, to the highest standards, as required by the client. The benefits of this Association would extend beyond the chartering business, and ultimately, it aimed to cement new relationships between the ultra-wealthy and successful entrepreneurs, across different industries, yet sharing a passion for yachts. This initiative was also seen as bringing balance between ownership and chartering houses, in terms of power and competition. Nowadays, however, the industry landscape is much different, as the brand charter houses provide competitive and superior service in the Superyachting industry, leaving perhaps little room or need for such an association.

Gigayacht Owners’ Hub Today: Nonetheless, Mr. Liveras’s vision have inspired me to develop my own concept, adapted to today’s needs and to be introduced by GIGACHARTER brand in Spring 2020. Uniting the Gigayacht Owners, yet not exactly in the form of a strict association with social norms and bureaucratic red-tape, but on the opposite, in a comfortable social club, is at the core of the GIGA Yacht Club. The Club would aim to organize challenging events, gatherings and constructive meetings for owners and business personas from the four corners of the globe and with that said, we will strive to enroll 13 Gigayachts to join the Giga Club.

Why this number specifically? Simply because Mr. Andreas Liveras had a lucky number, the number 13.
Orthodox View: For us, Orthodox Christians, life embeds progress even in the afterlife. Visionary individuals from the afterlife are still present, much like in a parallel universe, and assist the living by continuing their activities through us and remaining on our side until the business, as power for good, is culminated. The Gigacharter brand honors Mr. Andreas Liveras and his legacy. In his spirit, we aim to keep his dream alive, and with humility and effort, we aim to fulfill it this 2020.
Currently, the company Liveras Yachts is operated by his son Mr. Dion Liveras and charters the beautiful ANDREAS L Superyacht named in his memory. You may contact:

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