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Launching Gigayacht PVs Line

Our Commitment as a Clearing House is to offer added value to the Shipyard and its brand through a broad range of services and when needed as a liaison with Stakeholders, in a common effort to promote competitively the PYC gigayacht thus your Giga line. The Shipyard’s innovations and expertise will be introduced to the globe through strategic marketing or charter, especially in new regions under development. As emerging economies of Asia open their door to innovation and prosperity, GIGA Charter brand will help them open these new prospects through business collaboration, investment and premium service provision. If a private yacht, the Gigayacht Owner will privilege from complex operations while getting ready for the beauty’s promotion in the industry.

The new segment GIGA Charter will succeed to:

·        Introduce the ‘New Line of Commercial Passengers vessels’ PYC complied by the construction of a new PV line/model offering the mostly requested accommodation by the Arabic world/clientele i.e. 15 guest cabins.

·        Make the Shipyard’s brand more approachable to the public through chartering which offers first hand joyful lifestyle on board to the prospective clientele and is the best way to introduce Shipyard’s innovations like the competitive PYC Gigayachts.

·        Introduce the Gigayacht Shipyard and its PYC new buildings through chartering to become popular in new destinations vessels will be cruising especially in winter season raising perspective for new clientele/agenda.

·        Establish new collaborations and presence in the interesting regions under development, like the new investment playground of NEOM in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·        Enlarge range of services in-house to satisfy the existing or new clientele and secure this agenda as loyal clients to the Shipyard’s brand. Services can go out loud or in total confidentiality for the period service hired. 


GIGA Charter operations are based on four key pillars:

Building a Gigayacht is a long, complex and resource-intensive process. Yet, navigating the demands of Gigayacht Owners and Charterers is equally complex, and is an art in itself. With a dedicated administration team, the GIGA Charter exists to lift the weight of managing your clientele off your shoulders, and into our hands succeeding remarkable revenues for the ownership and credits for the Shipyard. We provide added value to the Shipyard by offering mentoring, appraisals and services to the serial and prospective Gigayacht owners like mentoring, logistics, inventory, the charter marketing and administration, and acting as a liaison between owners, shipyards and brokers, with a solid backup to assist in all legal subjects. Evenmore by consulting your clientele before assigning the vessel to a reputable CA/int’l Superyacht House.   

Trusting us to deliver, we go a great distance to find potential clients looking to build their new Gigayachts and take care to obtain and manage every detail of their expectations. As a Shipyard, you will benefit from our networks and unparalleled client services, which enables you to focus on building consistently better Superyachts, whilst we work on developing a satisfied client-side. This form of synergy promotes effective operations and fosters innovation in the Gigayacht sector, which will benefit you, as a Shipyard, by increasing profitability, quality and reach on both the short- and long-term horizon. Are you thinking to launch a new line? Yes, you are thinking correctly for the large accommodation megayachts registered Commercial Passenger Vessels, filling the gap in the market hot in requests for large accommodation of over 12 guests. Let us be the catalyst and spark to make you launching a new line to be utilized for commercial purpose, the SOLAS Passenger Vessels.

Seaworthiness and autonomy, Innovation and Entertainment on board.

  • Ultimate Luxury and Adventure: Growing desire for remote locations such as the Galapagos, Antarctica and Asian destinations, meaning demand for ice-breaking strengthened hulls and long-range capabilities is on the up in fuel economy thus in hybrid innovative systems powered vessels.
  • Innovative Layouts: Today’s yachts are moving away from traditional, compartmentalized layouts toward brighter, open-plan interiors. There is increased attention to the outdoor areas to create a direct, intimate experience of the sea while the interior must satisfy large accommodation especially in lack of Passenger Yacht Code complied gigayachts offering +15 guest cabins. Accommodation is the key to the exclusivity of the new line.
  • New Technologies and Entertainment: Alongside standard toys such as jet skis, water skis and canoes, there is an increasing demand for the latest gadgets such as a jetlev, skibob or hover board, space for electric bikes and more. Top-quality cinema rooms, occasionally open ones, are also becoming popular. Similarly, Internet of Things have. Moreover, new forms of power to mimimize the footprint in the environment.

We plan to position GIGA Charter as a leading innovative Service House to the cross-roads of this transformation and suggest towards GIGAshipyards to be:

-Addressing the product gap in the market by introducing and delivering a new launched line of Gigayachts PYC complied commercial passenger vessels, with capacity to host 30-36 guests overnight. The investment in a Commercial Passenger vessel secures a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for our investors.
-Introducing the new line through Chartering and creating a cross cultural mutually beneficial business model, to connect different National and business interests, and promoting healthy cooperation or competition for a better future.  Shipyard’s innovations and expertise are promoted globally, through charter, notably in new developing regions like NEOM KSA, making the brand approachable.
And, Establishing new collaborations and local presence in potentially lucrative regions. The new potential clientele will familiarize with the joyful yachting lifestyle of long-range passenger vessels.
-Final goal to collaborate with emerging economies of Asia, using GIGA Charter as a vessel for business collaboration, investment and premium service provision, by expanding presence.



Cruising remote locations in autonomy, seaworthiness, safety.

Lay Out

PVs offer Large Accommodation i.e.30 in +15 spacious staterooms.


Fast Marine Internet, innovative systems, fuel economy hybrids.