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I’m a Gigayacht Owner and I need what you offer

Focus on Gigayacht Exclusivity

Emphasising on a 360-degree brand experience, we are entrusted by your fellas Gigayacht Owners from little things such as managing their daily private or charter experience to the privilege of commissioning operations during the building of Gigayacht SOLAS or PYC Passenger Vessels.

The GIGA Charter exists to offer you exclusive services designed to give you value beyond compare. Placing our Administration at your fingertips, we are able to offer rapid response and effective solutions to your Gigayacht needs. We assist Gigayacht Owners, by providing specialized administration or charter administration and charter marketing, taking care of all administrative procedures, marketing your Giga beauty across our various channels and vetting prospective clients and brokers, to ensure that you benefit from a consistent all-year-round revenue without incurring major costs.

Despite our vast experience and network, we always work one on one with Gigayacht Owners to better understand their objectives and requirements. This, in turn, allows us to identify the best ways of combining profitability, exclusivity and satisfaction through our services, without exposing you to privacy concerns. And because we are The GIGA Charter, we travel Giga-miles to exceed your expectations. In essence, we work – you benefit.

The GIGA CHARTER Clearing House is a forward-thinking service & operations company, acting as a liaison hub between Gigayacht Owners and other Stakeholders like Charter Brokers since day one while at the Shipyard with short or long term services. Service can be offered under a confidentiality agreement  for a Private Gigayacht, or loud with a strong charter marketing / administration and assistance ideal for the Gigayacht Owner and His Master.


GIGA Charter operations are based on four key pillars:

Our focus is to serve Owners and Charterers of Gigayacht with a LOA of 77m upwards. This includes the SOLAS  or PYC Passenger Vessels compliant with ICE Code at any size, which require a special appointed handler. GIGA Charter has demonstrable expertise in this domain, with its key personnel having worked as Charter Manager of reputable vessels such as the ex-RM Elegant Elite Megayacht (73m) and private Gigayachts of Saudi Royals.

With a Dynamic Owner’s Representation service, we facilitate the sharing of accurate information, understanding of vessel’s specifications, and maintaining up-to-date charter calendar and special offers of the Superyachts. This service allows for the effective management Superyachts which can be relayed to Charter Brokers/Central Agents, whilst making sure that owners’ expectations are exceeded.

With the aim to create a 360-degree global service brand, our marketing strategy is tailored to reflect a prestigious and unparalleled experience for our clients, which means offering smooth and hassle-free services such as escrow payment facilities. In turn, a satisfied clientele would draw Charter Brokers and Central Agents to the GIGA Clearing House, creating a positive development cycle and faster turnaround.

Although the GIGA Charter is run by a small team of highly competent Superyacht professionals, our size gives us a major advantage compared to other transcontinental houses. With a flexible business team and lean service structure, we are able to respond quicker to client needs, adopting innovation as a key differentiating factor. Such agility can be reflected in our international mobility, being able to attend on-demand occasions in every region, based on owners’ or charter brokers’ requests. This ability to work 1-on-1 with clients makes us the trusted partner of both Superyacht Owners and Charter Brokers.



Gigayachts attend gigarules from crew training and safety, to recycling and waste management.


Eco-friendly technology Hybrids exploit new source power for all-electric systems.


Oceans demand a lighter footprint. 2018 Polar Code complements the IMO preventing marine pollution.