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Giving an extra hand

As the liaison of choice, working on behalf of owners – by representing the Ownership, we consider of highest importance charter brokerage and Central Houses within the Giga Yachting sector, and the amount of work it takes to manage expectations, maintain up to date charter calendars and attain a quick turnaround and growth in return on investment.

If you are a veteran broker/agent you may benefit from the GIGA Charter taking part during a charter preparation by standing at the Owner’s side and administrating operations.  Sustaining a strong stakeholder engagement and building lasting relationships with owners takes time, effort and trust. By cooperating with the GIGA Charter, we provide you supreme quality service to better manage your clients’ expectations, whilst using our privileged reputation to build trust with you, all within the 360-degree brand that we’ve built.

If you are just getting started, by working together, you become part of a larger network of Superyacht Central Agents and Brokers worldwide who, just like us, love selling the dream and giving a prestigious charter experience to their clients. What’s more, due to our effective operations, we boast a very agile and lean business model, which allows us to cater to individual requirements. What this means for you, is that you get to keep your clients happy and build a lasting and mutually-beneficial relationship with them, while we remain behind the scenes by just offering an extra hand when was needed.


GIGA Charter operations are based on four key pillars:

It is to your benefit that we represent the Owners and cooperate with the appointed / Designated person ashore,  and various positions within the Management chain like the Security Officer in care of ISM Code. This means we monitor constantly the vessel to be complying with the legal requirements for the SOLAS or PYC compliant vessels, knowing well the crew and the controlling conditions to deliver both product and service following your requirements.

Investment in Gigayacht size for charter business presents lucrative opportunities for the investors. We discuss some of the important factors contributing to the potential high Rate on Investment (ROI) in this section. Some key characteristics of investment scenario are:

Safe Investment: Industry Intelligence Data prove charter business a multibillion-euro investment opportunity (worth 6.58 billion euros in 2018 and expected by 8% in 2019, data tba soon).  Balance Sheet of each ownership company presents a significant income and never a loss.

Optimal Entry Point: After a prolonged period of contracted activity and low demand, gigayacht sector is poised for growth. Market values seem to be shaping an increased demand for new builds and second hand yachts. There is a strong uptrend in chartering activity and overall a positive sentiment prevails in the market.

Timing: As the demand increases for the commercial passenger vessels, the supply side struggles to meet the growing demand, there has been left a narrow window of opportunity to execute such projects.

Portfolio Diversification: One of the advantages of an investment in mega-yacht industry is its relatively low correlation to financial and other real assets. Low correlation levels add diversification and less vulnerability to the overall investors’ portfolio.            
Superyacht industry for sizes +77m offers distinct advantages over the fixed income market, especially in a rising rate environment, positively correlated to inflation.

Gigayacht Services and Consultancy attended to the Gigayacht Owner, emphasizing on a 360-degree brand experience about Gigayachts, is a global charter brand experience, by developing innovative benchmark quality services towards Gigayacht Owner, and by using synergies between luxury yacht stakeholders. Entrusted by Superyacht Owners to Gigayacht prospective Owners, Shipyards building large yachts and CAs, we are operating our Clearing House by administrating Gigayacht charter marketing, exclusive charters and being a liaison with legal sectors and industry Pros.

Extending cooperation and rewarding your trust, we reward your trust by promoting exquisite services and brand to the Gigayacht Owner enhanhing choice of centralization VS competition. 



Enjoying our Benchmark quality services towards Owner, Charterer and Charter Brokers.


Re-Introducing the PYC compliant Gigayacht for Charter on annual basis for max revenues.

New Market

New size exploitation introduces perspective for gigayacht operations in new regions under development like NEOM KSA.