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Capsules Eco-Amenities free of plastic

Innovative cosmetic bars and capsules that don’t need plastic to let your guests know your love for the planet. Upon contact with water, they are transformed. The precious plastic-free solid bars are designed to melt with few water drops to release the cleaning essence on skin and hairs. Once in contact with water, the bars start melting to be spread on the body or on the hair. It is essential for the gigayachts and their crew members commit to aligning their efforts to reduce their single-use plastic consumption onboard and to contribute to the elimination of microplastic pollution in our oceans.
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March 9, 2020

There’s an obsession with the brand amenities, set on board all luxury yachts, all in plastic packages – wasted in quantities on a daily basis. It is understandable that brand houses may not afford the cost of their own packaging production in eco-packages however should affiliate with the ecologic producers and offer the name in the brand to influence the masses. Brand amenities plastic-packaged is not an inquiry to follow the Owner’s mindset but the Charterer’s who thinks of eco-products as a second value product.  

However, on board our yachts I’ve always enjoyed a different approach by offering products free of parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA, DMDM hydantoin, or propylene glycol, petrochemicals, using only natural conditioning agents or organic preservatives like extracts from honey and brassica plants. And these have been offered by the yacht. If the Charterer wished for an alternative product such would be at Charterer’s expense. In recent years our managed yachts have been supplied by a Greek dealer, our supplier Dimitris Zagoraios, providing Allegrini Amenities amongst affiliate brands; argan series was firstly set in 5-star hotels in Athens by Dimitris and we followed. Allegrini Amenities is an Italian historic brand, operating for over 30 years in the cosmetic industry, to reach a strong position among the world leaders in the hospitality hotel lines for production and distribution of proudly Italian originated cosmetics accepted by all cultures and religions.

DPlanet by Allegrini: Herewith we present the DPlanet a capsule free of plastic package foaming in touch with the water. This is a special project that lives in harmony with humans and the environment. The precious plastic-free solid bars are designed to melt with few water drops to release the cleaning essence on skin and hairs. Once in contact with water, the bars start melting to be spread on the body or on the hair. Made with unique and sensational flavors allows an extraordinary experience of conscious clean. DPlanet means DO NOT DISTURB THE PLANET and sounds like the formula of freedom. Thanks to its unique ingredients, this tiny creation is plastic-free, water-free, preservatives free, silicones free and cruelty-free. Combining the brightest blenders’ experience in an ethic, vegan, skin-tested product with vegetal ingredients and oil, wrapped in recyclable paper. Customized notes and fragrances can be chosen.

Branded pleasures left on the costumers’ skin to give an embracing memory by Allegrini’s lab to make every desire come true in memorable formulas. The 3D Beauty experience is a new dimension in beauty care. A 3D experience that comes from a firm and solid thought: the need to eliminate plastic and create quality cosmetic products that first and foremost, take care of the environment. Available as Shampoo Hair Conditioner, Shower gel Body Lotion, Hand wash.

SOLID.O Italian range of soap bars: Another similar product is the SOLID.O range, innovative cosmetic bars that don’t need plastic to be appreciated and let your guests know your love for the planet. Water has been removed and by using avant-garde technology the bar is activated with the water to give the pure essence in a three-dimensional version. Not even a drop will be wasted, no plastic will be put into circulation, no unnecessary weight will be carried, thus drastically reducing emissions. Every cosmetic bar is packed in a recyclable cardboard box and is presented on a wooden base, a natural material that conveys a sense of warmth and durability. The bars come to life in your hands, simply by coming into contact with water, releasing all their energy and creaminess, in a virtuous cycle for a conscientious beauty experience. The new ritual is not confined within the walls of the bathroom but takes a comprehensive approach to life, so individual gestures are given the value of a choice, the force of a positive change for the planet. Available as Body Shower, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair and Body Shower. KSD Distributor offers more ecologic products for superyachts: Contact for distribution in Greece: Mr. Dimitris Zagoraios  24/7: +306937212430

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