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Aqua hydrogen-powered superyacht 112m

Aqua, the 367-foot superyacht is the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht concept designed to run entirely on liquid hydrogen and cover a range of 3,750 nautical miles with a minimized carbon footprint, without compromising on comfort and functionality. In the design and development of AQUA, SINOT derived inspiration from owners’ lifestyles, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology, combining all of this in a 112m superyacht with innovative features.
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February 5, 2020

In the world of yachting, the term “the sky is the limit” does not do justice to the ever-grandiose designs, innovations and fabulous lifestyles that a true megayacht can offer. Project Aqua, or simply Aqua, as it is known amongst superyacht connoisseurs, is a perfect example of breaking boundaries and going beyond the ‘known’. Whereas ‘innovation’ can often be assigned to purely ‘technological innovation’, Aqua shadows innovation from all angles of its being, from material selections, use of space, built environment atmosphere, to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. At heart, Aqua is a new way of yachting that is inspired by the idea of continuity and flow between man, habitat and water, embodied in its many features that we shall take a look at here.

One with the Ocean. This theme is reflected in large parts of its interior and exterior design. Looking at the overall figure of the yacht, the design is inspired by ocean swells reflecting a surge of energy induced by winds and tides. The free-flowing lines represent freedom and harmony between nature and the yacht, and where possible, this concept was extended to the interior facilities as well as the five-deck setup that cascades towards the sea.

The Aqua Lifestyle. It is undisputed that a megayacht lifestyle is synonymous with ultra-luxury. With Aqua however, luxury alone wasn’t enough; instead the designers opted for a true Art of Hospitality. As part of its entertainment and recreational features, Aqua’s most sought after attribute lies in its Health and Wellness Center. Right from the start, the ‘mare tranquillum’ effect creates an atmosphere of reflection, soft like the sound of flowing water, and gives the occupants a sensation of peace. Designed to indulge occupants in this surreal environment, the layout of the spa center and the use of timeless materials create a sense of healing and belonging. The massage room in particular is equipped with pressurized water jets which are believed by the Romans to be extremely relaxing, and the Gym, on the other hand, incorporates panoramic glass windows that offer a breadth of scenery onto the ocean, which recreates an island atmosphere. As for the gadgets, yoga spaces, workout floor, complete cycling apparatus and weightlifting equipment are made available, ensuring balance between health and wealth.

Timeless Space. The Aqua interior design goes beyond time. Everything revolves around the circular, the smooth, the soft; symbolizing wholeness yet timeless. For instance, the moon-shaped portals and sensational circular tunnels transiting from the main lounge on the beach deck to the Spa deck exudes a vibe of never-ending peace. In addition, the magnificent self-supporting central staircase is suspended over the top skylight, which gives the impression that it is naturally floating around a cylindrical void. Such build is a great example of innovation, adorned with backlit crafted glass inserts that reflect the motif of flowing water, as though it was all coming down the bridge deck. The interior design of the Aqua is so unique that it merits to be called an exhibition of ingenuity in itself and makes one step back to ponder.

Art of Living. Truly living is living in abundance. The Owner’s Pavilion reveals a spectacular, extremely spacious and beam-wide upper deck. That said, the absence of hard walls or columns is a great example engineering innovation, providing maximal open-plan area for different uses of space. Furthermore, the large central skylight and floor to ceiling windows all around shed plenty of light into the entire Pavilion, whilst allowing occupants to indulge in majestic views. To add to this, the standards of finishes in the Aqua are reminiscent of modern, elegant, multi-million-dollar homes, demonstrated through the use of luxury marble finishes, fully customizable furniture pieces made from sustainable woods and yet adds simplicity through the minimalist Japanese setting. As for the bathroom, massive windows offer a breathtaking view on the horizon, and when seen from the free-standing bathtub, putting Mankind back into their natural habitat – naked and in harmony with nature.

Outward Reflection. The outdoor space of the yacht represents the nexus of onboard hospitality. The aft deck, the outdoor lounge, and the wheel house are designed to offer an experience like no other. An infinity pool cascades across five levels to end at sea level, accommodating the best views of the ocean, from the comfort of the yacht. Towards the aft deck, a comfortable, circular setting is ideal for hosting informal chats and a massive home cinema, a space which then transitions smoothly onto the outdoor lounge through curved, sliding, floor to ceiling glass doors. Whether it is for parties, dinners or relaxation, the flexibility in the use of space and the state-of-the-art systems available are bound to make you want to leave the fast life as it is, and simply retreat on the Aqua. In fact, the Aqua room, perhaps the most unique room on the superyacht, functions as an observatory located at the bow, opposite from all other distractions. The space is unique by design and function, and the immaculate floor-to-ceiling windows eliminate all borders between the viewers and the seascape – it is a place where ideas are born and dreams come true.

Overall, the Aqua is not just a superyacht, it is a perfect display of art. Merging nature, ingenuity and dreams have resulted in a megayacht that is set to inspire future generations of yachts, from inside to the outside. More importantly, this superyacht is a spark that ignites a wave of design versatility, cutting-edge technology, and innovation, taking into account Man, Material and Nature. The Aqua promotes indeed a new way of yachting, and this was only possible because the team of highly talented designers at Sinot focused on the question that matters – ‘why build a yacht in the first place?’. View more:

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