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Crème de la crème passionate Gigayacht Professionals

Gigayacht Valhalla Services and Consultancy attended to the Gigayacht Owner or a potential Gigayacht Owner of a SOLAS commercial passenger vessel or Expedition vessel complying with ICE Code, emphasizing on a 360- degree brand experience about Gigayachts.

Gigayacht Passion with Professionalism

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Creating a Ginormous Investment in Gigayachts


Gigayachts Services through our Clearing House is a form of synergies in the Marine Industry, offering effective operations and fosters innovation in the Gigayachts market


Introducing the future on Giga Yacht charter business of SOLAS passenger vessels to fill the gap in the industry with demand for the Gigayacht size

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Welcoming Investors for a multi-million business, Shipowners with the correct company’s structure ideal to support and evaluate the Gigayacht operations


Most frequent questions and answers

Maria K. Bakalakou is a well-established Pro in the Superyacht Charter Industry. Known as having The Midas Touch, she has been involved in structuring highly successful projects that have achieved multi-million-dollar profits through charter management, branding, agenda coordination and brokerage schemes. 

A megayacht with a smart layout allows for large accommodation capacity and meets SOLAS gigayacht requirements for operating as a passenger vessel (offering accommodation for over 12 guests and with autonomy for a long range of cruising). This fills the gap in the luxury yachting industry eager for adventurous cruise in more remote destinations and promotes lucrative revenues for the Ownership of such yacht and affiliate businesses.

Wealthy and Ultra High Net Worth Superyacht Owners are the ideal profile of those commissioning the building of new ginormous yachts. Through our business model, we distinguish the Ship Owner as a distinct entity, by offering in-house service and operation segments, similar to a Ship, in terms of safety, credibility, regulations, human resources, etc.

The Luxury Charter Market is losing business from the lack of gigayachts with large accommodation. For megayachts operating as passenger vessels, only a dozen – most of them outdated/refitted – operate as chartered yachts. However, the Megayacht Charterer seldom charters a mini cruiser or a private yacht for multi-million amounts. By introducing/launching a new line of gigayachts, this can increase revenues exponentially, especially for short vacations, which can generate at least seven-figure income for the Owner.

We are the Switzerland of Yachting-land taking over missions impossible. As a clearing house, we walk hand in hand with our clients, in complete confidentiality on request and without the public eye upon us, across all aspects of charter management by offering complimentary services. We satisfy the necessity for a new service by a new brand catering to the needs of gigayachts. The adamant pursuit of our mission, to be the trusted partner of the gigayacht industry, as our business capacity gives us a leading edge to succeed. Our skills in communication will connect all sides in a synergy like the glue towards same goals. Our adamant principles: Confidentiality, Loyalty, Team work, Results like branding and income, reputation and max revenues in peace.